Casement Awning Series

Features of Models 331 Casement and 231 Awning

  • Vison Extrusion premium vinyl extrusion
  • Multichambered frame and sash using lead free UiPVC extruded through stainless steel dies for superior finish and durability
  • Triple weatherstripping – dual replaceable compression seal on frame and exterior replaceable sweep seal on sash
  • Stainless multipoint bar and lock standard – dual multipoint bar and locks on awning windows
  • 13″ stainless steel hinge and stainless steel exterior screws – which allows up to 2″ extra room for your arm when cleaning exterior glass vs. most major competitors
  • TGI® spacer standard – The warmest spacer for the coldest point on your window to minimize condensation
  • Cardinal 180, 272 and 366 Low E available depending on your requirements with Argon Gas for maximum performance in northern climates
  • Dual-walled interior glazing bead with hidden exterior GE® Silicone bead to prevent water penetration into the sash
  • Truth® operators standard
  • ENERGY STAR ® qualified