2000 Series French Slider Tilt

Features of Model 2740 French Slider Tilt

  • Vision Extrusion premium vinyl extrusion
  • Multichambered frame and sash using lead free UiPVC extruded through stainless steel dies for superior finish and durability
  • Triple weatherstripping
  • Instalock shoes for safe and easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel exterior pins and screws
  • TGI® spacer standard – The warmest spacer for the coldest point on your window to minimize condensation
  • Cardinal 180, 272 and 366 Low E available depending on your requirements with Argon Gas for maximum performance in northern climates
  • Dual-walled interior glazing bead with hidden exterior GE® Silicone bead to prevent water penetration into the sash
  • Glides on sash to minimize weatherstripping compression and extend its life
  • Dual level frame drainage featuring U.V. stabilized drain flaps
  • ENERGY STAR ® qualified when specified glass package selected please ask


Tilt in cleaning
both sides open to let air in






2000 series frame with shoes installed and drain holes punched


triple weather strip sash


Dual level drain flaps to keep bugs out
French slider pins that go into the shoes


2000 series frame
2000 series sash
2000 series tilt latch